June 24, 2004

"The next best thing to being there"

That's the title of an Inc. Magazine piece about collaborative tools: "a new breed of software [which] can help far-flung employees work together". Some good hands-on stories of users' experiences with Groove, SharePoint and the SocialText Workspace wiki product.

Coincidentally, there's somewhere I'd love to be right now: Supernova, on the west coast. Lots of interesting people and hot topics on the agenda. Ray Ozzie gave one of the keynote addresses this morning, as did Tom Malone (about whose "Future of Work" book I keep meaning to write much more); Heath Row is transcribing huge amounts verbatim, and has notes from Ray's session amongst much else. There's also a Supernova Wiki, online discussions, live audio streams (which I missed)... at this rate I'll probably be online all night catching up.

Next best thing to being there, though, is the satisfaction (sic) of helping nail the last round of bugs before we ship that Groove Version 3 Virtual Office Software out the door. Yes, we have bugs. No, not very many now. It's looking really hot.

June 17, 2004


Our building contractors left some equipment in the garden overnight. Useful, expensive, portable things: a couple of good circular saws, a router, power supply, trestles, and so on. In clear view from a public highway.

They didn't doubt for a moment that it would all still be there in the morning (and of course it was).

Isn't that nice?

June 08, 2004

It's still all disease


A memo classified by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2003 explores ways of conducting interrogations in the war on terror that would allow guards to evade future prosecutions for torture. In a series of minutely argued points that appear designed to evade restrictions on abusive interrogation techniques, the memo concludes that “excessive force” is illegal only when it is “malicious and sadistic.” It also argues that treatment of prisoners should be defined as torture only when "the infliction of pain" is an interrogator's "precise objective."


I'm sure you have reasons / a rational defense
Weapons and motives / bloody fingerprints
But i can't help thinking it's still all disease
Here comes the argument

June 03, 2004

World class
June 2, 2004– PC World magazine has honored Groove version 3.0 virtual office software with a 2004 World Class Award for Best Collaboration Tool in the mobile tools category. The magazine announced World Class Award winners in its July 2004 issue (online now and available on newsstands June 15).
Groove version 3.0 is currently in beta and scheduled to ship this summer.