June 29, 2001

Last day at Agora. Cabezal

Last day at Agora. Cabezal begins in earnest on Monday. Wow!

June 28, 2001

Last night - for the

Last night - for the first time in ages - we went out for a meal. To the Fat Duck; the menu was awesome. It started with some (fairly) normal ingredients and became increasingly bizarre:

  • Froth of green tea and lime
  • Grain mustard icecream with red cabbage gazpacho
  • Butternut soup with a fricassee of morel and butternut
  • Lasagne with (some sort of filling - I have no idea what it was!)
  • Green bean risotto with asparagus
  • Chocolate fondant and coconut sorbet on a bed of avocado risotto, with sweetcorn puree
  • Petits fours: crystallized red pepper lollipop wafers; basil blancmange, candied beetroot
  • Espresso; crystallized wafer with black olives; chocolates of American fermented pipe tobacco

Quite an experience.

June 27, 2001

Here's a significant thing: Tim

Here's a significant thing: Tim O'Reilly interviews David Stutz about Microsoft's "shared source" and specifically the Common Language Interpreter and C#. "Stutz: We have chosen FreeBSD because of licensing issues... The terms of the licenses will be that if you're distributing it, you're distributing it for non-commercial use".

Although Stutz says "It's really not a short-term, tactical Java battle", plainly one aspect of the whole .NET initiative, including this, is to oust Java and J2EE from their current high-rolling status as the enterprise server platform of choice.

June 26, 2001

And... blogger is really good.

And... blogger is really good.
This blog won't replace the groovelog, but I'll likely restrain my groovelog postings to on-topic material, and sound off here about the world in general.

This is Blogger... first time

This is Blogger... first time I've used it, so very experimental right now.