July 10, 2001

A post to the groovelog

A post to the groovelog abour OSD, self-delivering software and why this means the "thick client" is back in business.

For some history behind OSD, you have to dig into Marimba or Microsoft's websites. The groove OSD has quite a few extensions: OSD signatures, several installation mechanisms, and the "factory".

July 09, 2001

Something else my referer-log dragged

Something else my referer-log dragged in. What is spyonit? (A couple months agora I was trying to persuade Jonah that these 'autonomous helper agents' were a dead end. Maybe I'm still right. Who knows?)

Nice to see that Volker

Nice to see that Volker Weber, aka vowe, has started a weblog. He's a regular contributor to the Groove forums, and we share some spaces. How many other groovers write weblogs? (I found vowe's by looking at my referer stats...)

July 03, 2001

My BT DSL connection takes

My BT DSL connection takes some getting used to. First, I'd set up email using Notes R5's native SMTP support - very clunky in comparison with Outlook, but it gave me a good way to keep mail where I want it, and to have separate mailboxes for the different family members. That was really a saga in itself; question for Notes gurus "how do you create a non-hierarchical ID in Notes R5"?. (My answer: un-install Notes, install it, say you don't want to connect to a Domino server. There must be a simpler way).

So, everything was hunky dory, then DSL arrived and email stopped working. Rather, I could receive mail but not send it; the R5 replicator tab said "SMTP protocol permanent error". Oh dear! Time to dive under the covers. Notes.INI "SMTPCLIENTDEBUG=1". It turns out that my dialup ISP (Freeserve) gives you a non-authenticating relay when you ask to talk to your mail server (mine being mail.cabezal.com, which is pretty secure). With BT ASDL you don't get this extra layer of "service", you talk directly to your mail server; and Notes R5 client-side SMTP has a fatal bug which prevents it talking to an authenticating SMTP server. Solution: telnet to "mail.btinternet.com" port 25, verify that it's an open relay for BT DSL customers, and pass all my mail thrugh that instead.

Fixing the Web will be a bit harder. They giveth and they taketh away: it looks like BT are running a NetApp NetCache for the convenience of their broadband customers (ie. for the convenience of reducing their backbone usage!), and I'm convinced it's cacheing way too aggressively. For example, the Groovelog homepage is stuck on 2nd July no matter how often I refresh it. I've seen some reliability problems getting at my own homepage, but I'm blaming BT's cache rather than my hosters (the superb HubNut) until I have more evidence.

Ashok is here tomorrow. I'm

Ashok is here tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to meeting him face-to-face for the first time. Should be some interesting news from his travels in Chicago and Boston.