January 30, 2003

Xmas Future

Slinky: MP3 done very nicely. Now if only there was a WiFi version (I don't have Ethernet in my sitting room).

Train WiFi

This is exactly the way to go: onboard WiFi. (via CommonMe)

January 29, 2003



the most beautiful dog that ever was seen


January 27, 2003


Really I've not been asleep at the wheel, just way too busy to read, let alone write. I spent the last week out of the daily Beverly round, digging into some non-Groove technology. Hmm. (Good companions. We saw a piece of the Berlin Wall).

So it's quite a novelty to get back to the firehose: boingboing, Scot,, Mitch,, Matt, Charles, Ross... and more "more" than I can handle right now.

January 26, 2003


Dave Winer's other weblog has some interesting comments on the connection between weblogs and instant messaging. Groove gets a couple of mentions, of course. (I want my weblogs to be Groove shared spaces, and support the usual "flash crowd" effect, aka "attention rendezvous", in the Web).

January 09, 2003

Parallelspace Email

More action on the Groove tools front: Parallelspace Email 2.0.

...access to any and all of a user's Microsoft Outlook™ eMail accounts, personal and private folders, a preview pane and the ability to save any Outlook item to any of the 'Top 5' Groove tools: Calendar, Contacts, Discussions, Files and Notepad.

January 06, 2003

Viral power

Well, happy new year. It's busy around here - you're best going to Dylan's weblog for the real news... meanwhile, this caught my eye.

An Australian power company plans to build a kilometer-high tower as part of a solar power station. The engineering behind this is really cute: big flat greenhouse; vertical tube in the middle; hot air rises and drives a turbine. The higher the "chimney", the more efficient your power plant.

The designers' website includes this provocative statement (my emphasis):

Solar chimneys predominantly consist of concrete and glass which are made from sand and stone plus self-generated energy. Consequently in desert areas - with inexhaustible sand and stone solar chimneys can reproduce themselves...